We Our Animals

We are licensed by Alachua County, Florida and The U.S. Fish and Wildlife and The United States Department of Agriculture. We are inspected no less than twice a year and have never been cited. We are an accredited facility of The Zoological Association of America and The Feline Conservation Federation.

We are primarily a conservation and educational facility and we rescue exotic animals in need. 

We have very strict protocols for safety, optimal animal care, and our enclosures far exceed the minimum standard.


To preserve wild species in their native habitats

How Do We Do This

Tours by professional zoologists which include not only the animal’s personal story but important details about the species and their preservation.

Field trips and camp trips to get children interested in the different animal species.

Housing rare species that people don’t often see and assisting in keeping different genetics alive. 

Monetary help to the best conservation groups in the countries of origin for many species.

People must see and form an emotional connection to species to want to preserve them.

How It All Began

In the fall of 2001 Christine and Barry, decided to travel to South Africa to see Cheetahs in the wild and see what they could do to assist in their preservation.

Originally both were in the Thoroughbred horse racing and breeding business, Christine, being a leading trainer and Barry  a leading jockey agent and both the breeders of champion horses. They have been in one animal business or another for their entire lives.

After visiting De Wildt Cheetah Trust and meeting with the Founder, Ann VanDyk, they were asked to assist with fund raising in the U.S and host one of their Trustees. That prompted the formation of Carso Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation and after a trip back to S Africa in 2002, Christine and Barry purchased a farm with Ann VanDyk that was both an educational preserve and a facility used to temporarily house problem cheetahs and leopards that were relocated to areas where they would be safer. Thru their own funds and money raised in the U.S., many cheetahs were saved from farmers who in the past had just shot them or worse. Funds raised purchased land, a microlight plane, numerous tracking collars and equipment, educational materials and a variety of other items necessary to the effort. Christine became a Trustee of DeWildt Cheetah Trust the following year.

 They even hosted a cheetah running exhibition next to Arlington Park Racecourse.

In 2007, mostly retiring from the racehorse business and devoting almost full time to the Foundation, Christine and Barry seriously contemplated moving permanently to their farm near Bela Bela, South Africa. However, they also saw a need near Gainesville Florida utilizing the land that was their former horse farm and it was decided that they could continue their mission in the U.S.  And so in 2008 after large enclosures were built with natural bushes and trees, they accepted their first couple animals. Once the animal population quickly grew, they began offering conservation education tours.

They live at the animal park, donate their land, their time ( 24/7, 365 days a week) equipment and enormous funds to conservation and the welfare of the animals, most of which are endangered species. They take no salary and never will.

About Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation (CSWCF)

Sitting on 275 acres of lush Florida woods and farm land, it is home to approximately 30 rare and endangered species and over 100 animals.  CSWCF is a 5013c nonprofit registered in the State of Fl ( #CH36249), licensed by USDA, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Alachua County and ZAA accredited facility. It has never had a citing or violation.

100% of all donations goes to animal care and conservation. There is no State of Federal funding to support the animals and it is totally dependent on individual private donations (animal adoptions, tours, events, field trips, corporate sponsorships, etc.). 

About Our Animals

All of our tigers and lions were relocated by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, USDA or transferred from bankrupt facilities.

Other animals were also confiscations by Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Most other species are part of species survival breeding plans, retired from zoo breeding programs or part of our education program which tries to feature species from different parts of the world.

We do not do cub petting to the general public.

How Can You Help

Take a tour, Come to an Event, Adopt/Sponsor an animal of your choosing with an automatic monthly donation for as little as $10, be a corporate sponsor, host an event here ( company picnic, team building). Help for free, volunteer,” LIKE” and “FOLLOW” us and share our info on social media, tell your friends, there are many ways. See our wish list frequently posted on our Facebook page and collect items in your neighborhood. Email to apply to volunteer or be an intern contact@cswildlife.org

How To Visit

We have NO GENERAL ADMISSION except our two open house days.

You must be on a pre booked tour to visit. Bookings are by email, contact@cswildlife.org

Every Saturday there is a tour at 10 am that does not require a reservation.

It’s about a 2 hour walking tour, $25 per adult, $10, 2 to 11 years.

Private tours, occasionally weekday tours, golf cart rental for handicapped all available with ADVANCE booking.

We do corporate events, family reunions, parties etc. email for details, pricing depends on number of people and time spent at park.

We provide educational opportunities and activities for a wide variety of people including school groups, college and vet students, 4H groups, and continuing education for veterinarians.

We house and support conservation of endangered species.

There are no paid administration salaries. Christine and Barry donate their time, land and funds to further their mission of advancing conservation through education.

All donations go directly to animal care, education and conservation of wild endangered species.


Foundation animals are totally dependant on donations. There is no State or Federal funding.

100% of donations go directly to animal care such as food and vet.

We are a 501(c) 3 Not for Profit Organization in the State of Florida.

All donations are tax deductible.

Registration #CH36249

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